The benefice is currently without a Rector and in what is known as a vacancy or interregnum. During this time the day to day running of the parishes falls to the churchwardens.
The first stage in preparing to appoint a new rector is to produce a parish profile which will describe the benefice in detail and set out the requirements of the new incumbent. A team has been appointed to do this and has started work. Once this document has been produced it will need to be approved by the PCCs and then by the Archdeacon. Following this a “Section 11” meeting will be called, of which four weeks’ notice has to be given at which various decisions will be made including the appointment of the parish representatives who have to be members of one of the Parochial Church Councils (PCCs)who will be involved in the shortlisting, interviewing and appointment of a new Rector. The whole process is likely to take several months and even after appointment a new incumbent will have to give three months’ notice at their previous post.

24th July
The Benefice Profile has now been approved by the PCCs and will go to the Archdeacon for diocesan approval before it can be published. It is therefore still only available to members of Stanton-by-Dale with Dale Abbey PCC and Risley PCC. When it is approved for publication it will appear on the link from this page. The next stage before this happens is the calling of a Section 11 meeting for PCC members at which various other decisions will be made together with the appointment of the Parish Representatives. When any further information is available it will be published on this page.

9th October

We expect to receive the official notice of vacancy within the next week. When that happens we can call the “Section 11” meeting which will then set the next stage of the process in motion.