Dangerous Boys and Dangerous Girls will meet on Thursdays at 7.30pm at the Old School in Stanton-by-Dale starting on Thursday 5th September. Always a fun range of activities, food and drink and time for a discussion.

We organised joint events each term such as ten-pin bowling, a trip to Laser Quest or even just a full-on BBQ which we might even let parents come to.

All groups are run by responsible adults and activities are safe but fun! To qualify to be a member, you need to be in year 6 through to year 9. If are aren’t quite old enough yet, then do get in touch because we have many other exciting groups that you can come to.

Every year, we join in a camp called Madness & Meyhem which is run by M+M Holidays. It’s a great week and there’s no better time to start planing for next Summer!

Click here for a taste of Madness and Mayhem: