Each week we have a number of ‘Home Groups’ running across our three locations. They provide an opportunity to get together midweek to enjoy each others company, support and encourage one another; but most importantly, spend some time learning from the Bible and praying together.
Bible study usually follows the sermon series which is a great way of helping each other get more from Sunday sermons and also helping to provide feedback to those who are preaching. Groups normally meet on Wednesday or Thursday evening but we also have daytime groups for those able to attend.
Home Groups are a great place to be to help get to know people if you are new to the church and a wonderful way to grow in your faith. You can be certain of a warm welcome and some of the best tea and cakes in Derbyshire!
However, Home Groups are not there as a replacement for church, and so we encourage people to join our church first before we link you with a group.