Our benefice consists of one church that meets in three different locations at different times on Sunday’s and throughout the week.
All three of our church buildings have a rich history which in the case of Dale Abbey, stretches back over a thousand years. In the following pages, you can find out a little bit more about that history and discover why these villages have such a long tradition of gospel ministry, a ministry that began in a most unusual way.

You are always welcome to visit our buildings and if they aren’t open when you do, there is usually a key available in the vicinity. Better still, come and visit us during a service – our buildings are interesting but they aren’t museums and people have given sacrificially over the years to ensure that they are suitable for God’s people to meet and worship him together. There is normally someone in our congregations who will be delighted to give you a tour and then bring you along to share a drink and some cake or a biscuit. Services are best described as informal Anglican; easy to follow and welcoming.